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This photo was taken with a Pentax 6x7 medium format film camera. Sleeping With Elephant is part of Warwick Saints original Elephant Boy series shot in 1998. The creative series celebrates Saints friendship and bond with Harry, Sally, and their child, Duma. Over the past 25 years, Saint has done multiple visits and creative collaborations with this family of elephants in Knysna, South Africa. The photograph depicts a boy lying still in the grass with Duma, the sleeping elephant. Saint uses light in this piece to illuminate the boy against the African Landscape. This special edition has been made available to support the Knysna Elephant Park.


PRINTED ON: Giclee print on Archival hot press cotton rag 290gsm

SIZE: 16x20 Inches

Sleeping With Elephant, 1998

  • 2022 Limited edition of 11
    Photograph printed on Archival hot press cotton rag, 290gsm
    16×20 Inches
    Mounted in floating frame
    Signed and numbered by Warwick Saint

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